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President Trump seeks to lower corporate tax rates to 15% from its current rate of 35% in hopes of eventually pushing U.S. long-term growth rate up to 3% from 2%. In comparison to other countries, the United States has the highest coporate tax rate within the 35-nation Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Other countries on the list have lowered their rates drastically such as Britain who dropped from 30% to 19%. A joint study in 2004, which included Harvard university and four others, of eighty- five countries proposed that a 10% reduction in corporate tax rates effectively means a 2% increase in investment’s share of gross domestic product. Similar studies do not suggest an increase in national growth. However, the President’s tax cuts would also be paid for by an increase in government deficits which would expectantly raise interest rates, decreasing private investing and potentially off setting the benefits created from the tax cuts in the first place.

Corporate Tax Cut as Growth Elixir? Foreign Experience Suggests Caution




Is The US Over Retailed?

by irc16350 on May 22, 2017


Retail employment losses and sales statistics were highlighted this past March in almost every media outlet. The story on losses is not as bad as it seems. The retail vacancy rate for community shopping centers and neighborhoods was flat in the first quarter at 9.9 percent, the same as Q1 in 2016.

According to Reis, a real estate research company, the poor retail store performance has yet to translate into actual closings, but we can expect to see more vacancies in the next three or four quarters. Other factors are responsible for poor retail store performance.

Reis reports that many of the stores closing are in more rural areas and outside of the 80 primary metros they are currently tracking. Furthermore, only 14 of the 82 primary metros tracked by Reis show a year-over-year loss in retail jobs.

The simplest way to find out which markets may be over saturated with retail centers is to compare retail employment to population. While the numbers show that the retail industry could be over saturated in the 80 metros Reis covers, the impact on the real estate industry may not be as negative as perceived. Many non-traditional businesses are expanding into empty retail space. This increase in non-traditional retail center tenants provides hope to the over saturated retail markets as more traditional retail stores move toward e-commerce.

Is The US Over Retailed?


Delays On Apartment Projects Keep Vacancies Low, For Now

May 18, 2017

Tweet Construction delays for multifamily projects are helping to keep vacancies low and overall performance positive with vacancies holding at a steady 5%. In a recent analysis conducted by Axiometrics between 27%- 43.4% of multi-housing projects that were started in 2014 had reached the ground-breaking stages in 2017 for gateway cities such as New York […]

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Private Equity Investors Slow Real Estate Buying in First Quarter

May 17, 2017

Tweet   The private equity real estate market focused on commercial real estate saw $6.1B worth of investments in Q1 of 2017, down from almost $15B just last year according to Costar Group. Private Equity (PE) buyers showed a preference for office property, multifamily, retail, and industrial in that order according to purchase volume. PE […]

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San Antonio Commercial Property Values Increase By Double Digits

May 15, 2017

Tweet   Compared to this time last year, commercial property value has increased nearly 11% throughout the city of San Antonio according to the Bexar County Appraisal District. Commercial property in Bexar county has increased to $36.1B just last year in 2016. Multifamily properties have seen value increases from $12.8B to $15.1B year-over-year, a jump […]

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Upscale Limited-Service Hotels Are All the Rage among Developers

May 10, 2017

Tweet   Of the entire spectrum of different types of hospitality properties being developed, upscale limited- service hotels are receiving the most enthusiasm. There are 191,000 new hotel rooms under construction across the nation, most of which are in the middle to upscale segment. In the first quarter of the new year, upscale rooms being […]

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Despite strong opposition, Texas bill to ban ‘impact’ fees on residential builders moves to Senate

May 8, 2017

Tweet   Rep. Ron Simmons refused pleas to halt his bill that would ban linkage fees on residential builders. Simmons stood his ground on the house floor and was opposed to any new tax that would make the price of affordable housing increase. “We’re just saying that we’re not going to have linkage fees that […]

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Zillow ranks cities where people want to live or want to leave — including San Antonio

May 5, 2017

Tweet   Seattle-based Zillow, an online real estate database company, recently ranked San Antonio as the number one place where outsiders are searching for homes. According to the website, San Antonio received the most home page views of any other city. The study also concluded an answer as to why San Antonio shows a high […]

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