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Farmer’s Markets Look Relaxing

by irc16350 on August 19, 2016

Established five years ago, downtown Atlanta’s only farmer’s market is weekly bringing local color and traffic to the Peachtree Center development. With the Green Market at the heart of the city, Urban Enterprises, which coordinates the market, must use military precision to get the vendors and consumers in and out smoothly.

If you are thinking about having a Farmer’s Market on your property keep in mind that it is not the best option for everyone. The location and demographics must be spot on, but it also requires commitment of time and money. The Peachtree Center pays for the music, tables, tenants, and leftover produce for the food bank, and much more. Urban Enterprises expresses, the importance that one must keep in mind all the challenges which go into creating a farmer’s market.

“Farmer’s Market Can Be Tricky.” Shopping Centers Today Week, Retail Real Estate News. ICSC. August 2016: 16. Print.


JCPenny’s Customers Spoke and They Listened

by irc16350 on August 18, 2016


Going beyond apparel, JCPenny is expanding their home-goods selection. Customers are spending more money on home beautification and JCPenny is looking to improve in this sector.

During the third quarter JCPenny will add dishwashers and other major appliances to 1,000 stores. With 1,200 major appliances online, customers will be able to smoothly order online and JCPenny will deliver, haul away the customer’s old appliance, and install the customer’s new appliance.

Expanding JCPenny’s window-treatment selection space in 500 stores, they hope to get back to being dominant in custom windows just as they once were 10 years ago. Also, Ashley Furniture is teaming up with JC Penny’s to sell their products in stores.


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Protect Your Center From a Storm

August 17, 2016

Tweet With all the rain this past week it is good to know that most shopping centers have a severe-weather emergency policy in place. In 1999 The National Weather Service commenced a voluntary Storm Ready program to motivate communities and business to be prepared for tornadoes, hurricanes and similar storms by setting up disaster plans. […]

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Harry’s Shave Subscriptions on Target’s Shelves

August 12, 2016

Tweet With Razors being cheaper to purchase online though companies such as Harry’s Shave Subscriptions and Dollar Shave Club, retailers are having a difficult time selling the product they already have on the shelves. Drumroll…, a different edge on selling razor products, Target and Harry’s decided to team up to offer online subscriptions for Harry’s […]

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Foot Locker Lighting up Time Square

August 8, 2016

Tweet Renovation is happening everywhere but I would have never thought of the iconic Times Square. Foot Locker’s redeveloped four-level store of 36,000 square-feet was named “The Most Significant Retail Deal of the Year for 2015”. The Store is scheduled to open this holiday season. This is the first time a major Times Square retailer […]

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Store Technology is Becoming a Difficult Choice

August 3, 2016

Tweet Ever feel like big brother is watching over you? According to the “Rich Relevance ‘Creepy or Cool?’ Survey”, Seventy- Five Percent did not like the idea of being greeted by name after a store identified the consumer though facial recognition technology. Most consumers do enjoy using fingerprint technology, scanning products, receiving pop up offers, […]

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Second Biggest Shopping Season Is Approaching

July 29, 2016

Tweet According to an ICSC research report, back to school shoppers are planning to spend $657 per household. 95 percent plan to shop in a physical store with nearly 80 percent expect to spend more money this year vs last year. Back to School shoppers are planning to spend more due to new wardrobe and […]

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A Game Changer for Tenants Paying Rent

July 29, 2016

Tweet So many mistakes can happen when handling money manually. The slightest difference, in the amount, or a number out of place can have huge effect on the overall spreadsheet. At DDR Corp. Tenants can make their payments online and track reports though SnapPay RE. According to Kevin Moss, DDR’s Chief Information Officer, there is […]

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