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Office Space Sector Job Growth May Slowdown

by irc16350 on January 18, 2017

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we have had a drop in unemployment, now 4.6%, and an increase in new job creation numbering between 120,000 to 250,000 jobs every month since June. However, the troubling forecast remains which estimates that in the next six years job positions will become increasingly difficult to fill due to a lack of college educated, skilled workers. While absorption in the office space sector is scheduled to surpass delivery again in 2017, net absorption is expected to decline up to the year 2020. REIS Economist, Barbara Byrne Denham, noted how of the 82 metros which REIS tracks, 15 have now seen office employment declines, and although some metros have outperformed, they too have seen a deceleration in office employment growth. In 2000, there were 2 million working age individuals who entered the job market, in 2016 there were only approximately 900,000, and it is expected that by 2022 that number will decrease to 250,000 new workers entering the job market per year. Walter Page, director of research with CoStar Portfolio Strategy, summarizes this development by saying, “…because we have less bodies coming into the workforce, we can’t sustain as much growth moving forward, and that will cause job growth and net absorption of office space to slow”.

After Years of Steady Job Growth, Office Sector May Be Looking at Slowdown


Consumers are Saving More In-Store

by irc16350 on January 10, 2017

According to an ICSC study, consumers are spending less money on certain categories in- store rather than shopping on-line. Categories such as beauty products, women apparel, shoes, and accessories have an average of 7 percent savings throughout these categories. Athletic wear was the cheapest clothing to purchase in store, saving 19 percent less than when purchased online. Consumers were able to save 27 percent on purchasing lotions in store rather than online. The top reasons for the consumer to shop in store rather than online are being able to use their sense of touch and see the merchandise as well as being able to try the outfit on right then and there. This helps create a sense of instant gratification by taking the product home instead of waiting for it in the mail. Consumers do enjoy being able to price compare research faster with the help of on-line stores.

It’s cheaper to shop in physical stores: Survey


Wireless Accessibility Impacting Property Values

January 6, 2017

Tweet In recent years, a property’s wireless connectivity and access to dependable wi-fi have emerged as a deciding factor for prospective tenants and buyers, therefore it is something to consider in regards to your bottom line if you are a landlord or property owner. Today, many technologies are readily available to aid in maintaining or […]

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Drones Affecting Commercial Real Estate

January 5, 2017

Tweet The rise in popularity of drones in recent months has prompted questions pertaining to air rights, actionable interference, avigation easements, and nuisance claims. “Droneports” similar in structure to airports may become a reality on the near future, unlike their larger scale counterparts these stations will be located in urban areas. Although research and development […]

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Boerne Will Be Getting a Mixed-Use Development

December 29, 2016

Tweet Carbon Thompson, a Dallas-based developer, and local investors bought a 26.58-acre site to build a mixed-use development at the intersection of Highway 46 and Herff Road. This will be the first mixed property for Boerne, Texas which will be called unofficially The Villages @ Herff. Ground breaking will begin between early to mid-2017. The […]

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Amazon Innovating the Way Customers Shop, Again

December 28, 2016

Tweet A grocery store without checkout lines or cashiers supported through mobile technology sounds like a scene from a futuristic movie. This idea came alive in downtown Seattle in a 1,800 square foot store called Amazon Go. With the Amazon Go app, customers use their smartphones to use the “just walk out” technology, which took […]

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Food Halls Are Growing

December 22, 2016

Tweet In 2016, the number of food halls in the United States has grown by 40% between the months of January and September, there were a reported 96 food hall projects spanning over 2.4 million square feet in the third quarter. In addition, Garrick Brown, author of Cushman & Wakefield’s recent Food Halls of America […]

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Amazon Distribution Network Delivery Time

December 21, 2016

Tweet In response to the shifting retail landscape in regards to online shopping and the record breaking holiday sales numbers that have continually risen year after year, Amazon has picked up the pace to complete their supply-chain network to reach optimum delivery time. Amazon has added 26 new distribution warehouses to its global network in […]

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