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San Antonio: Income Growth Leader

by admin on August 11, 2010

SAN ANTONIO (San Antonio Express-News) – The Alamo City was one of only three metropolitan areas nationwide in which total personal income and net earnings increased in 2009.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, personal income increased by 0.8 percent in San Antonio last year, putting it at $71.5 billion.

On a per capita basis, San Antonio’s personal income fell by 1.3 percent to $34,500, ranking the city 184th among the nation’s metro areas.

Personal income fell by 4.9 percent in Austin and Houston, and by 5.2 percent in Dallas-Fort Worth. Nationally, it fell by 1.8 percent.

Meanwhile, net workers’ earnings in San Antonio grew by 0.7 percent last year to $48.7 billion.

Personal income is income from all sources, including dividends, property income and government payments. Net earnings of workers is mainly salaries and benefits paid by employers.

What two other cities had a rise in both personal income and net earning? Washington, D.C., and Virginia Beach, Va.

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