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Aging Population .. Industry Issue

by admin on July 16, 2012


CHICAGO (Counselors of Real Estate) – An aging population will be the leading issue defining real estate for the next ten to 30 years, according to the Counselors of Real Estate (CRE).

When asked to identify the top issues that will define the industry in coming decades, the counselors listed issues with strong interrelationships and that were common across industries:

  1. Aging population
  2. Funding public employee retirement systems
  3. Student debt burdens
  4. Infrastructure funding and U.S. competitiveness
  5. Changing office and retail demand
  6. Real estate capital markets liquidity
  7. Global change and uncertainty
  8. Integration of sustainability
  9. Low cap rates
  10. Civil discord and political gridlock

“The aging of the population will broadly and dramatically affect the real estate markets from housing, retail sales, health care, and the myriad of factors that define the success of different geographic areas,” said a CRE news release. ” Aging will most directly affect the demand for real estate but will have scores of less direct impacts, such as potential capital impacts, as the pensioners by the scores of millions move from being net contributors to net users of capital.”

Click Here for CRE news release

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