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“Texas: a perfect storm of opportunity and growth” David Winans

by admin on July 17, 2012

Texaplex 2.0 Video … spreading good news about Texas.

The Texaplex project began in 2008, when 3 inch negative headlines became the norm. In order to combat the adverse news, David Winans created a brief presentation for his office and sales people reminding everyone how lucky we are to be in Texas. Seeing how it lifted the spirits of the office, David knew it was his job to spread the good news of Texas across the world. With the help of Modassic Marketing, a video was produced which became a viral hit. Now with 4 videos about the area he termed the Texaplex, the Texaplex project continues to spread the good news about the Lone Star state.

What all started with a little powerpoint has been featured in The Economist, Newsweek, on NBC, CNN Radio and has used by hundreds of companies around the world and even Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas and current GOP presidential candidate.

David Winans is a successful entrepreneur and real estate broker who coined the term and created the Texaplex project. He’s a native Californian, but as the old saying goes, he got to Texas as fast as he could. An impassioned cheerleader for Texas, David created the Texaplex Project in an effort to share with the world what he’s known for years; that Texas — and specifically the Texaplex region — is the center of the fourth major wave of economic and population growth in U.S. history and the best place to live and do business.

Tell us what you think about David’s project.

Texaplex 2.0 by David Winans

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