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The App Your Assistant Doesn’t Want You to Know About

by admin on June 26, 2013

Each year Forbes publishes a list of the Top 10 Apps to make your business more productive.   What we found is that there are so many applications for small business professionals and they are not taking advantage.  When a smaller company doesn’t have the man power or time to focus on small details it’s nice that a device that’s always with you can step up and assist. “Speaktoit” was one of the applications that really caught my attention. This application is a virtual assistant for Android or ios/Windows with multiple functions for which you would normally rely on an assistant.  The time saved by utilizing this app to update your calendar or to type an email is invaluable for any busy professional. It also can reduce the risk of forgetting to schedule an appointment or forgetting vital details of a project. For example if you get a call while driving that a meeting has been moved you can simply tell your virtual assistant to change the date and time without pulling over to type it or hoping you remember the details once you return to the office.

Currently the device speaks English, Spanish, Russian, German and Portuguese and its creators are currently working on adding to this list. Because of this feature the application also has a translation function which could come in handy when trying to impress a foreign business partner.  Unlike some apps of this nature you don’t have to learn any complicated system or instructions you simply download the application and speak to it. Other features include weather, news, internet search, music and video playback. Some would compare it to the Iphone feature referred to as Siri but this product is available on multiple devices. You have the ability to pick what your assistant looks like. You can also use other voice commands to create and send text messages, update Facebook and Twitter, check into foursquare, create tasks, take notes and set alarms. Any business person who travels to sites or to meetings will appreciate the navigation function.

This application is wonderful for any business professional looking to make their smartphone a lot smarter.


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