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4 Pillars of Leadership- Part 1

by admin on July 8, 2013

Every year we are offered “new”  lessons to succeed in business and leadership that are normally just recycled and repackaged methods with a higher price tag, so when I came across Todd Hixon’s article, Four Pillars of Leadership, I wasn’t expecting to learn anything I didn’t already know. I was very pleased when I read this because it didn’t just state a cliche business method but it stated 4 activities that when implemented together would equal great success.


The 4 pillars included:

  • Strategic Vision With Adaptation

Most people would agree that to be a great leader you have to have vision and a plan to get there. Where a lot of leaders fail is not having a back up plan or not being able to adapt their plan to change, be it consumer needs or changing demographics. Adaptation is very important in our economy, where the only consistency you can be sure of is inconsistency.


To read the Forbes’ article in depth you can visit:


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