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How to Determine if You Have a Good Gatekeeper

by admin on November 11, 2013

Anyone who has spent any time in sales has heard the phrase “Be nice to gatekeepers.” We all think about it when trying to get an audience with the president, you may bring muffins to their secretary. When the receptionist answers the phone you ask how he or she is doing before asking for the person with whom, you called to speak. While some people make the mistake of not treating gatekeepers with respect or feeling that they have no need to waste their time with them, any good business person should know a gatekeeper can be the only thing standing in the way of them getting to the decision maker.

On the other hand, what some professionals may not consider is how their gatekeeper can make them look to the public. No matter what your business is, at some point you’re the hunter and sometimes you’re the prey. When people come into your office the gatekeeper tends to be the first person they encounter, therefore their first impression of your business. An inattentive, unconcerned gatekeeper can send business out the door. How does your gatekeeper answer your phones? Do they use a monotone voice, chew gum in callers’ ears or place callers on extended holds? This could be hurting your business.

Gatekeepers serve 2 major roles encouraging good connections to pass into the gate and to save the time of the people behind the gate.  What does this mean? A successful gatekeeper knows who to let in, who to keep out and how to tell the difference.

Clue #1: He or she can multi-task. If your gatekeeper is typing a report when the phone rings and 2 customers walk in at the same time will he or she be overwhelmed or will they get everyone the help they need in a timely matter. This is so important because most gatekeepers don’t just answer phones or greet clients who walk in they normally perform a combination of both along with many more tasks.


Everyday this week please check back daily to learn the 5 indicators you have a good gate keeper.

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