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Protecting Yourself This Season Part 1

by admin on December 5, 2013

It’s that time of the year of again where families are traveling to see each other, dinners are planned, gifts are purchased and joy is spread everywhere. This holiday season you could be bringing joy to more than just your loved ones, a few common tricks could have you bringing joy to the lives of criminals who see the holidays as a time to “cash in”.

We wanted to share a few tips to help you protect yourself this holiday season:

Make sure all your packages and gift cards end up in the right hands– This time of year is filled with consumers shipping gifts and ordering gifts online. While you are trying to spread holiday cheer a thief may be watching your door step for valuable packages. When ordering online or shipping presents:

-Request that in order for the package to be delivered it requires a signature. This way packages are less likely to be left on a doorstep and up for grabs.

-Track your packages using the company site you ordered from or a link directly from your account with them. Some hackers create fake tracking codes that require you to put in information and can lead to them changing your package delivery location or even obtaining your credit card information. For gifts being sent directly to loved ones check for the estimated delivery dates and if it won’t ruin the surprise let the recipient know they should be receiving a package on that day.

-Ship to store. If you are ordering from a major retail chain’s website, that has a location in your neighborhood a lot of companies offer free site to store shipping. This way you save on the shipping fee and your package is safely at the store until you are ready to pick it up.

Send it to the office- Unfortunately most shipments and mail happen during the day. If there is a package you are particularly worried about have it sent to your office (as long as your company/boss is okay with it). Most offices automatically are scheduled for day time delivery from their regular delivery person this way you don’t risk the package being left unattended for 8 hours.

-Everyone loves a gift card. You get to pick out your own gift while someone else picks up the tab. So make sure that this gift isn’t stolen. If you’ve gotten a gift card for someone and you have to mail it there are a few ways to make sure that they get every thoughtful cent. Follow the same shipping rules of sending to offices or requiring signed delivery.  Some companies will also send the gift card directly to the gift recipient’s home or email.


Check back for our other tips to protect yourself during the holiday season.

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