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Protecting Yourself This Season Part 2

by admin on December 10, 2013

It’s that time of the year of again where families are traveling to see each other, dinners are planned, gifts are purchased and joy is spread everywhere. This holiday season you could be bringing joy to more than just your loved ones, a few common tricks could have you bringing joy to the lives of criminals who see the holidays as a time to “cash in”.

We wanted to share a few tips to help you protect yourself this holiday season:

Gift cards-

If you ever look into your spam box you may have noticed “free gift card” offers. There is a reason these go to spam, hackers use fake company websites to get you to log on and input personal information. Some offers advertise gift cards at half off. $20.00 starbucks gift card for $10.00. You put in your credit card information they take a lot more than $10.00 and your gift card is useless.

If you want to purchase gift cards the safest way is directly at the store, if that isn’t possible then go to the company’s website and be sure its certified and secure before inputting any personal account information.

Make sure you and the recipient both have a copy of balance records in case there is any problem with the card or if it goes missing.

Clear your search history. Everything we do online is recorded. If a hacker or malware has found their way into your system they can prompt you with a banner ad or send you a fake email from a company who’s website you recently visited advertising a discounted gift card.



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