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Protecting Yourself This Season Part 3

by admin on December 11, 2013

Keep Travel Plans Quiet

You want your neighbors to pick up your mail, not thieves to pick your locks. As long as we’ve had civilized societies we’ve had neighbors. Normally when going out of town you may ask your neighbor to pick up the paper, feed a pet, water the plants or check your mailbox. A lot of people do this so that any watching criminals won’t be intrigued by a vacant home. What a lot of people don’t realize in this technologically plugged in society is your social profile may attract more attention to burglars than piled up newspapers on your front door. Private or not many people can find their way around social media security walls and access your profile. A simple hashtag with the word “vacation” could put you on a burglar’s radar. How? When you update your profile on Facebook or Twitter, users can use keyword searches to find posts that match the search. For example a post that says “Can’t wait to visit the family in Ohio on Tuesday! #vacation” could be retrieved by keyword searching “visit” or “ #vacation”. Typically search results list people on your friends list, then people in your city or town, then broader areas like your state, making it easier for criminals to find victims nearby. Instead of posting specifics about your trip like departure dates and return times wait until you get back to your undisturbed home and post those family pictures and rant about the great time you had and how happy you are to be back home (With all your stuff in tact).


Check back for our other tips to protect yourself during the holiday season.

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