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Is Telecommuting Right for Your Office

by admin on January 23, 2014

With the growth of technology there has been a considerable increase in number of employees who telecommute. Here are a few things to consider when deciding if implementing a telework program would benefit your business.
• Statistically people in creative positions are more productive when allowed to work outside the traditional office setting.

• It’s reported Telecommuters take less sick days and breaks than non-telecommuters in the same positions.

• Company saves money. During a study one company reported that they saved $2,000 annually per employee working from home 4 out of 5 work days.

• Being able to make the choice about when and where they work has shown to make employees more engaged in work.

• Bad weather doesn’t have to stop production.
• Lack of social interaction can have negative effects on some employees emotionally and mentally.

• Hinders informal interaction that opens up organizational communication.

• Harder to create trust and successful professional teams without face to face communication.

• Workers often work more than 40 hours (which if paid by a log in/clock in hourly rate could cost the company)

• Employees who telecommute are typically less likely to be promoted in certain fields. Out of sight out of mind.

• Security Issues. Depending on the type of business you may have access to private information that is easier to secure in an office.

• Loss of direction or disconnect with company ideal and vision.

• Hard to separate home life from work life.

Most successful arguments for telework are examples of employees doing so part-time. Depending on the business telework can be very beneficial for companies and their employees. Like most thing there are also disadvantages. The key is to examine if it the benefits out weight the disadvantages.


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